Surgical gown

Made of polyethylene-coated polypropylene, it prevents the transfer of infectious agents to and from the doctor using it, offering protection for worry-free work.

Patient gown

The patient gown is designed so that the patient can be in the hospital or in his residence comfortably. It is made of linen and is comfortable and safe due to its design.

Latex gloves

Single-use gloves, mainly used by nurses, dentists and doctors, as they need to make precise use of their hands. They are made of a material that can be easily molded to hand movements.

Nitrile Gloves

High quality and made of synthetic rubber, they resist permeation by chemicals, viruses and bacteria and are an ideal alternative for those who suffer from latex allergy.

Mouthpiece KN95

They belong to the class of mouthpieces that can filter over 95% of particles larger than 0.075 microns (group in which particulate matter, bacteria, aerosols and viruses are included).

Shoe Covers

Small disposable shoe covers that can be either polyethylene or polypropylene (non-woven material). Their main function is to isolate the footwear from a clean environment).

Surgical cap

Part of the clothing used in the operating room, especially to maintain asepsis and to avoid the possibility of spreading a virus to other areas.

Mercury Thermometer

The most commonly used thermometer. The mercury inside receives heat and dilates, crossing the numerical scale, thus being able to know at what temperature the patient is.


Device used to measure blood oxygen saturation levels through polarized light. Small, easy to use and affordable.


Used in medicine mixing plants. Allows the movement of the body and its protection against agents harmful to health at the same time.

Boot Covers

It is a slip-resistant sole to prevent accidents. It is comfortable and provides the user with full mobility with maximum protection and a proper fit to maximize efficiency during work.