Responsibility Letter

Our responsibility to COVID-19

Everyone who is in charge of the health contingency due to COVID-19 is essential in our eyes, that is why we are working around the world, making them our priority to treat the emergency due to Coronavirus, making their mission take done in a faster and more effective way. We have taken into account the impact of this disease since it was first reported and, since then, we have taken action with our employees, customers and the community at large. We focus on supplying and providing service so that all the needs of those who suffer from COVID19 are resolved.

Our responsibility to all of you is to recognize how it is to be served in this new stage and that our services and products are shaped as global needs change in the face of this, respecting the policies established by hospitals, officials and government authorities. We are focused on maintaining the complete stock of our products and innovating them in order to always be one step ahead towards solving this contingency.

Similarly, we believe that the best way to protect people is to reduce exposure. We are seizing opportunities to do so through work-at-home policies, travel restrictions, and virtual education programs. We will find new and creative ways to engage and support you. We appreciate all doctors for what they are doing for their patients and the communities they serve. Our team around the world is ready to help. Information about this emerging disease changes from day to day, but our commitment to you does not.

- Sincerely, the Code Right Medical team